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Small Businesses

Millennium Trust's Workplace Savings Solutions: How Does it Work?

Our Workplace Savings Solutions increase access to retirement solutions for small businesses when a 401(k) isn’t the right fit. Learn how to choose and administer a plan. For more, visit our Workplace Savings Solutions page.


Find the Best Retirement Plan for Your Small Business with the Retirement Savings Selector Tool

The Retirement Savings Selector Tool for Small Businesses can help small business owners identify which retirement plan may be the best fit from a few quick and easy questions. Visit the Retirement Savings Selector Tool to explore your options.


Small Businesses Need Innovative Solutions for Retirement Savings

Millions of businesses in the U.S. don’t offer any retirement plan due to perceived costs and misunderstanding of options. When a 401(k) isn’t the right fit, small businesses have easier, more cost-effective options to help their employees save.


3 Retirement Savings Options for Small Businesses

Retirement savings options like SIMPLE, SEP and Payroll Deducted IRAs are less costly and administratively complex than a 401(k) for businesses of a smaller size.


The Case for Actively Managing Retirement Plans

While 401 (k) participation rates have risen in recent years, thanks in part to auto enrollment programs, it’s still not enough. Learn why it pays to cultivate engaged and informed retirement savers.


4 Unintended Consequences of Congressional Proposals to Change IRA Investment Rules

The House of Representatives is discussing proposed legislation that would restrict what Americans can own within their individual retirement accounts. Find out what the the unintended consequences may be.


Individual 401(k) Savings Calculator

Use this calculator to see the benefits of an Individual 401(k) for the self-employed.

Financial Calculators

2018 Millennium Trust Small Business Retirement Survey

This survey explored employer awareness of retirement saving benefit options, barriers and drivers to adopting retirement savings programs, and attractive aspects of programs. The survey also looked at how employers and employees view the impact of savings benefit programs on employee retention/attraction, and views...


A Tale of Two Surveys

Our survey of small businesses and employees revealed joint interest in retirement savings, but misconceptions about their retirement options have caused small businesses not to take action.

White Paper
8 minute read

Top Reasons Retirement Plans Can Help Small Businesses Attract Millennials

Retirement savings plans are important to Millennials and can help small businesses attract and retain talent.


Small Businesses Want Options

As state-sponsored retirement plans become more widespread, federal plans, like multiple employer plans (MEPs), have come front and center. But, small businesses want a private option for retirement savings, not a one-size-fits-all approach.


Small Businesses Can Play a Key Role in Retirement Crisis

Americans aren’t saving enough for retirement. Small businesses have options to offer retirement savings plans to their employees.