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How the CARES Act Impacts IRAs and Retirement Plans

In addition to other coronavirus-related relief, the CARES Act impacts retirement account owners' required minimum distributions, penalties on withdrawals and IRA contribution deadlines. Note: Penalty-free withdrawals must occur in 2020. Learn more with our CARES Act FAQ .


How to Make an Alternative Asset Purchase (Pre-Custody Process)

The IRS allows self-directed Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) to hold a broad range of investment types. Many non-traditional assets, or alternative assets, can be held within an IRA but require specific investment documentation that’s not required for traditional investments, like stocks and bonds.


What You Need to Know about Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)

This video explains the process and timeline for taking an RMD and the importance of planning ahead, especially if you need to fulfill your RMD using illiquid assets. With the SECURE Act signed into law in December 2019, the rules surrounding RMDs have changed, raising the RMD age from 70 ½ to 72, effective Jan 1...


Required Minimum Distributions - Frequently Asked Questions

When retirement plan account owners reach age 73, they are responsible for taking a required minimum distribution (RMD) from their account. This process can be complicated depending on the account and assets involved. Following are some of the most common questions that we receive about RMDs.

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The Importance of Retirement Readiness

In the US, millions of households are not on track to maintain their lifestyle in retirement. Learn about the important spending and saving factors to consider when planning for the future.


Top 5 Reasons to Consider Alternative Investments

Alternative investments can act as powerful diversifiers in a portfolio and in a self-directed IRA. Learn about the top 5 reasons to consider them.


Investing in Real Estate Using Your Self Directed IRA

Real estate has become an increasingly popular investment in building a diversified portfolio. Watch this brief video to learn more about holding real estate in a self-directed IRA.


Guide to Investing in Real Estate in a Retirement Account

Investing in real estate in a retirement account can be beneficial, but it can also be complex. Learn about the process, as well as some of the complexities, before you invest.

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Mutual Fund Guide

This document contains a list of mutual funds and fund families that can be held in an account with Millennium Trust.

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Discover MAIN®

Looking for an easier way to custody your Alternative Assets? The Millennium Alternative Investment Network ® (MAIN ® ) is the place to start.


Pre-Custody Required Documentation

To custody an Alternative Investment, we must first perform a Pre-Custody Review, which determines whether an investment is administratively feasible for an account. This fact sheet outlines the documents required to perform the review. Millennium does not evaluate or perform due diligence on any investment or...

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Our Role as Custodian

We often get asked, "What exactly do you do as a custodian?". This video explains what we do as your custodian, why our role is necessary and the services we provide.