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New Fund Custody Portal: Providing Fund Managers with a Seamless Experience

June 30, 2021
By Millennium Trust

In any consumer report or survey you read today, across any industry, customer experience is consistently a top factor in client loyalty and satisfaction. Here are just a couple of statistics that reinforce that:

  • Brands with superior customer experience bring in 5.7 times more revenue than competitors that lag in customer experience
  • 84% of companies that work to improve their customer experience report an increase in their revenue

Customer satisfaction is a top priority at Millennium Trust, and we want to help our fund manager clients improve their clients’ experience. Providing a digital experience that makes it easy for both the fund manager and their individual investor clients is foundational to their success.

Firstly, what does Millennium Trust do as a fund custodian?

We can help funds satisfy the Custody Rule, which requires registered investment advisors (RIAs) that have custody of client funds or securities to maintain those assets with qualified custodians. The SEC’s intent was to design requirements to enhance protections for advisor-client assets, while reducing the burdens on advisors that have custody of client assets.

With the help of our new Fund Custody portal, our Institutional Custody Solutions help increase investor confidence through transparency and operational efficiency.

Our Institutional Custody Solutions include:

Fund Custody
We service more than 500 private, ’40 Act and offshore funds, with more than $15 billion in fund assets under custody, while maintaining a custody process that adapts to the unique needs of each fund.

There may be situations where you need to place documents in safekeeping with a custodian. Millennium Trust allows you to place into safekeeping physical and electronic documents that are evidence of ownership in alternative assets.

For fund managers that need a line of credit, many lenders require third party verification. Our verification services provide the fund and the lender with the necessary certification that is needed.

New Fund Custody Portal

It’s never been easier for fund managers to work with us for a range of needs. As technology continues to evolve, we continue to improve our solutions, making integration with our clients simple, secure and seamless.

What you can do:

  • Initiate payments
  • View transaction reports
  • Create/use templates for frequent activity requests
  • Approve statements and upload investor rosters
  • And more

How it helps:

The Fund Custody portal gives fund managers an enhanced way to manage their business. The portal provides:

  • Secure, online access to view and manage account activity
  • A self-service, online tool
  • Expedited operational processes
  • Reduced errors
  • Improved security over traditional phone and paper-based processes

The portal has provided us one location where we can view our account balances, request disbursements and track the status of those disbursements, which has made our overall process more efficient. We look forward to continue using this portal.

Dawit, Agile Fund Solutions, LLC

With transparency of the account, increased operational efficiencies and institutional-quality investment operations, fund managers can exceed investor expectations – potentially leading to more confident investors, and ultimately a more successful business.

Whether you need a qualified custodian in order to satisfy regulatory retirements for your fund, need to protect physical documents in safekeeping or require loan verification and certification for a lender, our Institutional Custody Solutions can help you meet regulatory requirements and gain a competitive edge.

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The material in this blog is presented for informational purposes only and does not constitute investment, legal or tax advice. Millennium Trust Company performs the duties of a directed custodian, and as such does not provide due diligence to third parties on prospective investments, platforms, sponsors or service providers, and does not offer or sell investments or provide investment, legal or tax advice.

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