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Millennium Trust empowers clients with trusted expertise, exceptional service and access to a wide range of custody solutions. Whether you are managing alternative assets, investment accounts or retirement funds, we are uniquely qualified to service your needs.

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Holding Alternative Assets at Millennium

Millennium Trust can custody a wide range of alternative assets in taxable portfolios and is fully integrated with E*TRADE Advisor Services’ Liberty platform. That means your alternative assets are seamlessly mapped to your existing E*TRADE Advisor Services accounts. On Liberty, you and your clients are able to see descriptions of the position, the number of shares held, the total market value of the position and the last validate date.

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Whether you work with an advisor or plan and save for retirement on your own, consider taking these actions to help strengthen your financial security throughout the year.

Company Ranks No. 2522 on the 2021 Inc. 5000 List

The company makes the top 5000 list with annualized revenue growth of 35 percent or more since 2017.


Can Good Tech Help You Save for Retirement?

Millennium Trust’s Meg Zwick, Maribel Gerstner, and Sirisha Gorjala sat down with Built In Chicago to share what it’s like working here, how our company culture is evolving, and exciting projects on the horizon.

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