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Social Media Community Guidelines

We want to hear from you and encourage comments, questions, suggestions, and critiques that are fair, constructive, and respectful. Please remember to be relevant and respectful with what you post. We do not tolerate harassment, abuse, or threats to others. Specifically, we do not tolerate posts that are:

  • Abusive, harassing, stalking, threatening, or attacking others
  • Defamatory, offensive, obscene, vulgar, or depicting violence
  • References to upsetting or distressing subjects
  • Hateful in language targeting race/ethnicity, age, color, creed, religion, gender, sexual preference or orientation, nationality, or political beliefs
  • Sexually explicit or pornographic
  • Fraudulent, deceptive, libelous, misleading, or unlawful
  • References to criminal or illegal activity
  • Violations of any intellectual property rights
  • Spamming in nature
  • Viruses or programs that could damage the operation of other people’s computers
  • Commercial solicitations or solicitation of donations

Millennium Trust reserves the right to hide, delete or block comments or content, in whole or in part, for any reason we deem appropriate, including violation of these guidelines. We may also block users who repeatedly violate our guidelines. We may also report offensive or illegal content or behavior to Social Media platforms. This is a moderated social media community page that is reviewed daily. Please note that we will take any comments, questions, or complaints about individual accounts offline and connect with you directly to protect your privacy and handle your request in an effective manner.

Social networks are public

Millennium Trust’s online communities are open to the public. Anything posted to our social networks may be seen and read by everyone. Because our Social Media profiles are public pages and anyone can participate, we are not responsible for views expressed other than our own.

Important Note: Protect personal information

Do not share your personal or banking information on our social media communities. For customer service questions or individual account matters, please contact us at 800.258.7878. You should not disclose your account numbers, PINs, social security number, or passwords. See our privacy policy for more information.

When do we respond?

We read all messages, posts and comments, and we may answer when appropriate. However, although our accounts are being continuously monitored, replies will be made between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm central time, Monday thru Friday. 

Third-party websites

Millennium Trust is not responsible for and does not endorse third-party websites or content that may be linked to and/or from our social networking websites. Review the privacy and security practices, and policies of all third-party websites that you visit. 

License to use your content

By posting on Millennium Trusts’ social media pages, you grant us the right to use or reproduce your content. Additionally, any unsolicited ideas or suggestions you post on our social media pages will automatically become property of Millennium Trust without limitation, with no obligation for us to compensate you.

By posting to one of our social media channels, you are agreeing to abide by these Social Media Community Guidelines.

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