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Rollover Accounts

Take control of your retirement savings

A retirement account from your former employer has been automatically rolled over into an Account at Millennium Trust on your behalf.

Welcome to Millennium Trust

We’re glad you’re here. Your former employer, where you had a company-sponsored retirement account, selected us as your successor custodian, and chose to roll over your funds to a Millennium Trust account on your behalf.

We’re looking forward to getting to know you. We are a leading provider of Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), and have helped over 2.3 million people like you.

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Where are my funds?

Your funds have been placed in an investment chosen by your former employer designed to preserve principal and provide a reasonable rate of return consistent with liquidity.

Any uninvested cash subsequently received will be invested in a FDIC-insured Cash Sweep Program. This account will maintain the tax advantages that were available to you in your former retirement plan. Simply verify your identity with Millennium Trust in order to claim your account.

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Identity Verification

As a financial institution, we are responsible for verifying your identification. This is for your protection and to ensure the money in your account is going to the correct person.

A life event may have changed your personal information from the last time you updated your account to now. The most common life events include: Moving, Marriage and Divorce. To reconcile the change, we typically require additional documentation, which can include a copy of your driver’s license, recent utility bill, marriage or divorce certificate.

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

The welcome letter you received in the mail indicates what type of account you have with us. If you have a Millennium Trust Traditional or Roth IRA, visit our Rollover IRA Options page to take control of your account.

You can also learn more about your options, including how you can invest in stocks, ETFs and mutual funds on the MTC Investment Platform.

Rollover IRA Options

Individual Custody Account (Non-Retirement)

The welcome letter you received in the mail states your account type. If it says “Individual-Custody”, then you will need to complete and submit the Custody Account Agreement for Taxable Funds form to claim your account.

Once we have received and processed the form, if you have selected online access, you will receive an email with instructions for logging in to your account.

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Free Search Tool

If you have not been notified through a welcome letter or postcard that you have an account with us, you can search our free, secure database to see if we might be holding your unclaimed retirement funds.

If you have received communication from us, you likely have an account so please follow one of the steps above to claim your account.

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