Rollover and Self-Directed IRAs

Above and Beyond Custody

We custody multiple types of retirement accounts and an extensive range of assets, giving you the ability to take control and save for your retirement.


Thank you for visiting our Yelp page. We have over 1.2 million client accounts and strive to deliver a superior experience for all. However, we know at times some clients are not happy with our service and sometimes we may miss the mark.

We take feedback seriously and continuously work to enhance your experience. We read every comment on Yelp, Google and a host of other social sites and respond publicly or privately to each and every one.

While all of the reviews leading to our rating on Google are public, Yelp uses its own automated software to determine which reviews to recommend. We’ve shared a few of our “Not Recommended” reviews in the rotating image to the right.

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What Do We Do?

To state it simply, we primarily do two things:

  1. Reunite individuals with retirement funds they left behind in their employer’s retirement plan
  2. Custody alternative and traditional assets in self-directed IRAs

Reunite Individuals With Their Retirement Funds

Two main reasons an account ends up at Millennium Trust:

  • Individuals change employers and don’t always take their retirement savings with them and, over time, it gets more difficult to locate them (marriage/name change, moved to a new address, etc.). We search for and find participants and reunite them with their retirement funds.
  • Retirement plans are terminated as a result of business closures, bankruptcies, acquisitions or mergers. The participant accounts in these plans are transferred to Millennium Trust.

In both cases, we open a self-directed IRA for the individuals, thus preserving their retirement funds and maintaining the funds’ tax-advantaged status. While the funds are initially invested in an investment option chosen by the employer, account owners can choose from many different investments – including mutual funds, CDs, stocks and bonds.

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Custody Alternative Assets in Self-Directed IRAs

Investors are always looking for ways to meet their investment goals and save for retirement. Our self-directed IRAs provide the control and flexibility to manage a diversified portfolio of both traditional and alternative assets. We custody more than 15,000 unique alternative assets, including real estate, private equity, hedge funds and more.

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