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Online Portals

How Do I Access My Account?

We currently have two different portals for clients to view account information. Please review the options below to see what online portal you should use to access your specific account.

MT Investor Portal

InvestCloud Portal


Access this portal to view account if you:

  • were directed to through your recent Welcome Letter;
  • had an account rolled over from previous employer or a terminated plan;
  • have already registered at our online portal pictured above; or
  • were a former Liberty Trust client.

MT Online

MT Online


Access this portal to view account if you:

  • were directed to through your Welcome Letter;
  • previously accessed your account through MT Online pictured above, includes most self-directed IRAs and accounts holding alternative assets;
  • are an Advisor, Advisor Services client or a third-party authorized user; or
  • were a former E*TRADE or Sunwest Trust client.

Having Problems Logging in?

For instructions on how to register for access or reset your password, please view our log in help page.

Log In Help
Portal Transition

Ongoing Progression

To help clients and advisors get ready for retirement, we’re making updates to build a better way to access and manage accounts online. That is why we introduced a second portal last year for our Automatic Rollover clients. If you currently access your account through our original portal, please continue to do so unless you are notified of a change.

We will continue to make improvements to make this a better experience for you.