June 12, 2017
One Major Solution to Reduce 401(k) Litigation Risk

Plan sponsors who are concerned their plans may become litigation targets should take steps to establish practices and procedures that help their plans run smoothly and remain in compliance. Automatic rollovers are a plan design element that should be considered by all plan sponsors as discussed in this article in 401k Specialist Magazine.

June 9, 2017
How Qualified Retirement Plans Affect Mergers And Acquisitions

A critical aspect of any merger or acquisition—and one that sometimes remains unexamined until late in the deal process—is the handling of qualified retirement plans. In general, buyers can assume sellers’ qualified retirement plans, merge sellers’ plans into the buyers’ plans, require the seller to terminate its plans (as a condition of closing), or require the seller to freeze its plans.

May 8, 2017
The Conundrum of State-Run Retirement Plans

This week the Senate narrowly voted to overturn a Department of Labor policy that would have helped states offer retirement plans. Most agree that offering retirement plans to the estimated 55 million Americans who don’t have access to workplace plans would be a good thing, but some argue that these types of plans should be handled by the private sector.

March 12, 2017
How The DOL’s Delay Will Help The 401k Fiduciary Rule

This article discusses potential consequences to the Department of Labor’s fiduciary rule, including increased cost of advice, limited access to advice, limited access to retirement services for small businesses and decreased availability for IRA rollovers to plan participants. The delay allows policymakers time to further examine these potential consequences. 

February 15, 2017
Online Platforms Help Advisors Add Alternatives

This bylined article by Millennium Trust CEO, Gary Anetsberger, was released in InvestmentNews. It discusses how crowdfunding, online platforms and the financial service providers that support them—like qualified custodians—are working closely to develop key technologies and service solutions to meet the needs of both investors seeking yield and borrowers seeking capital.

February 7, 2017
What’s The Next Step In 401k Plan Design?

Automatic plan design features have made it easier for employees to save in 401k plans. Now it’s time to make it easier for participants to keep their retirement assets intact, as noted in this article in 401K Specialist Magazine.

November 29, 2016
First Rule Of Retirement Income: What It Is, Why It’s Important

The first rule of retirement income hasn’t changed: Taking money from a qualified account before retirement - through cashouts, loan defaults, or hardship withdrawals - is almost always a costly mistake as noted in this article in 401K Specialist Magazine

August 30, 2016
How The Candidates View The 401k Fiduciary Rule

The Department of Labor (DOL)’s fiduciary rule is scheduled to take effect in April 2017, but that doesn’t mean the fight is over. It’s an election year - and the Republicans and the Democrats have very different views of the new rule as this article in 401K Specialist Magazine points out. 

August 10, 2016
A New Set Of 401k Best Practices For IRA Rollovers

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL)'s Conflict of Interest Rule is the newest challenge before us. Depending on the outcome of pending legal challenges, it has the potential to significantly affect the ways in which firms and advisors conduct business in the qualified retirement plans arena as noted in this article in 401K Specialist Magazine.

July 25, 2016
Five Steps Plan Sponsors Can Take Now to Prepare for Final DOL Fiduciary Ruling

All the players on a plan sponsor’s team—employees and the various service providers that are critical to plan operations—are equally concerned about their individual fiduciary responsibility under the newly expanded Fiduciary Rule. At this point, most don’t know where they stand. Can they still advise someone to move from a plan to an IRA?

July 15, 2016
Surprise (Not)! 401k Fiduciary Rule Uncertainty Continues

Just when plan sponsors began to understand the boundaries of fiduciary responsibilities and the opportunities for participant education, uncertainty has once again claimed the day as noted in this article in 401K Specialist Magazine.