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July 19, 2017
AM&AA 2017 Summer Conference

There are over 450 expected attendees and the line-up of professionals attending includes executives from preeminent investment banks and intermediaries, leading private equity investors, CPA’s, attorneys, and other M&A advisors. This conference offers exceptional networking opportunities throughout the event, providing sponsors, attendees and speakers valuable face-to-face networking that can only be found at The Alliance.

June 9, 2017
How Qualified Retirement Plans Affect Mergers And Acquisitions

A critical aspect of any merger or acquisition—and one that sometimes remains unexamined until late in the deal process—is the handling of qualified retirement plans. In general, buyers can assume sellers’ qualified retirement plans, merge sellers’ plans into the buyers’ plans, require the seller to terminate its plans (as a condition of closing), or require the seller to freeze its plans.