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Investing In Alternative Assets*

When you find a platform that interests you, just click on the link to be redirected to its website. There, you’ll find in-depth information about their available investments and the requirements for investing. If you decide to invest, the investment platform will direct you back to Millennium Trust to either open a Millennium Trust self-directed account, or to fund your existing account, and to complete the investment forms. Whether you are a new or existing client, you can get started online today.

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Real Estate, Private Equity/Debt
M360 Advisors
M360 Advisors specializes in a niche segment of private credit targeting short-term, high-yielding loans backed by income-producing commercial real estate. The strategy is designed to offer stability, provide quarterly cash flow and mitigate risk to protect investors.
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Precious Metals
Gold Bullion International
A secure, efficient and cost effective option for investors and institutions to purchase and manage physical precious metals.
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Marketplace Lending
An automated investment advisor for peer lending platforms, including Lending Club. Multiple accounts can be managed through a unified dashboard.
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Private Equity/Debt
Carofin is an investment bank with 20+ years of experience connecting engaged investors with worthy companies offering both debt and equity investments.
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Private Equity/Debt
OurCrowd is a global venture investing platform offering accredited investors and wealth managers access to leading private tech companies and venture funds.
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Real Estate
The largest and most diverse online marketplace in the U.S. for accredited investors to directly invest in expertly-reviewed commercial real estate.
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iCapital Network
Provides access to a curated selection of alternative investments, including private equity and hedge funds, at low investment minimums for advisors and their clients.
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Real Estate
A platform connecting accredited investors with shares of exclusive, pre-vetted commercial real estate deals. Diversify across markets, asset types, debt & equity.
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Private Equity/Debt
A marketplace that provides accredited investors access to proven private tech companies at low minimums.
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Private Equity/Debt
Glide Capital
Provides wealth managers and investors with a solution to invest into a diversified portfolio across multiple strategies within the private credit industry.
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Managed Futures
RJ Oasis
Offers access to a variety of alternative investment strategies. Clients enjoy operational and capital efficiency as well as transparency offered via RJ OASIS.
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Real Estate
Allows accredited and non-accredited investors to diversify into institutional quality real estate with low fees.
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*Millennium Trust Company performs the duties of a directed custodian for IRAs and other custodial accounts. Millennium Trust does not undertake any due diligence for you, including on the Platforms listed on MAIN, their prospective investments or any other investments you select to hold in your Millennium Trust account. The information on each Platform was provided by that Platform. Millennium Trust is not affiliated with any Platform, investment sponsor or investment available through MAIN. The inclusion of any Platform, investment sponsor or investment option on MAIN in no way represents an endorsement or recommendation of the Platform, investment sponsor or any of their investment options, and Millennium Trust does not recommend or endorse any such Platform, investment sponsor or investment. The Platforms, investment sponsors and investment options available through MAIN are not a complete list of investment providers or investments that you may choose to hold in a Millennium Trust account, and are provided for informational purposes only. As a directed custodian, Millennium Trust does not offer or sell investments or provide investment, tax or legal advice. Investors should perform their own due diligence on any investment opportunity, and should consult their own investment, tax and legal advisors before making any investment decision.

Your Expert Ally

At Millennium Trust, we specialize in the custody of alternative assets and offer the expertise to educate and guide you through the custody process once you’re ready. But before investing in alternatives, do consult with your investment, tax and/or legal advisor to fully explore the diversification benefits that particular alternative investments may offer.

Benefits of opening an account:

Custody multiple assets within the account

One low price to access unlimited platforms

Wide range of investments to choose from

Simplified, streamlined processes

Research Alternative Assets

With the traditional markets more correlated than ever, alternatives can serve as ballast during downturns that primarily affect stocks and bonds. But it’s important to understand: not all alternatives are the same.

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