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Welcome to Millennium Trust

We are excited to have you as a new Millennium Trust client. Millennium Trust is dedicated to helping you prepare for retirement while giving you the control and flexibility you need to manage your own diversified portfolio of both traditional and alternative assets.

Next Steps

As you were notified in your welcome letter, there are a few items that may require you to take action.


SEP & SIMPLE IRAs can be verified by completing the IRA Account Information form below. Once your request has been processed, you can register for online account access through our secure portal. The portal will stop you from seeing your account information until your form has been received and processed.

Online access allows you to see your account balances, holdings and transaction history, view and download statements, as well as place online trades for publicly traded securities such as stocks, ETFs and mutual funds. Note: A valid, unique email address is required.

IRA Information FormRegister for Online Access


To verify your account information and request online access, please register online and  complete the IRA Form.

Questions about the process? You can view a demo of the online IRA Form.

Complete online form


Part of the onboarding process is to verify the information we received from Liberty Trust is accurate and up-to-date. To ensure this, we ask that you please review, complete, sign and return the following investment documents for the assets referenced in your welcome letter (if applicable).

We have also attached the “Guide to Investing in Real Estate in a Retirement Account” to give you a clear understanding of Millennium’s processes and procedures regarding real estate if it is being held in your account. 

Real Property Servicing AgreementReal Estate Information SheetPromissory Note Servicing Terms AgreementMortgage/Deed of Trust Note Servicing Terms Agreement Guide to Investing in Real Estate in a Retirement Account


Your annual account fees have been set up to be directly debited from your Millennium account on an annual basis (and are not prorated). If you would like to change the fee payment method to credit card or ACH debit, please go to our Payment of Fees Authorization page and provide us with your banking or credit card information.

This option in not applicable for Automatic Rollover accounts.

Payment of Fees Authorization

Third Party Authorization

If you previously had an individual third party authorized to receive information on your IRA with Liberty Trust and would like to add that individual to the account here at Millennium, please complete and submit the Third Party Authorization form linked below.

Download form

Recurring Distribution Payments

To continue recurring distributions you are receiving from your IRA, including those set up with respect to Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs), please download and submit the IRA Distribution form to Millennium Trust. Be sure to select “Systematic Payments” in section C and complete Section D in its entirety to set up the recurring distribution payments.

IRA Distribution form

Account Agreements and Disclosures

Please carefully review the new Custodial Agreement and Disclosure Statement applicable to your type of account, which will govern your new Millennium Trust IRA. We encourage you to either save an electronic copy or print them out for your records.

Automatic Rollover Traditional IRA Agreement and DisclosureAutomatic Rollover Roth IRA Agreement and DisclosureTraditional IRA Agreement and DisclosureRoth IRA Agreement and DisclosureSIMPLE IRA Agreement and Disclosure