Letter from the CEO | Millennium Trust Company

Letter from the CEO

It is an incredibly exciting time for Millennium Trust Company. We've come a long way from the company with a handful of employees, a few thousand accounts, and less than $1 billion in assets under custody that I joined 14 years ago. 2015 marked our eighth consecutive year of record growth, and we closed the year with $17.4 billion in assets under custody in more than 432,000 client accounts as of December 31, 2015.

Of course, numbers only tell a part of the story. Yes, we have been successful. However, like many successful businesses, this is due to a combination of factors that includes, in no particular order, the right people, a little foresight, the occasional lucky break, and a ton of hard work. We also had the benefit of a great leader, in Scott McCartan. He kept the focus on our clients and entrepreneurial thinking. This is the foundation our organization was built on. Thank you, Scott!

I am honored and privileged to have been named Millennium Trust's new Chief Executive Officer. I have some big shoes to fill, but I'm looking forward to leading Millennium Trust through its next phase of growth.

In December, we announced that Parthenon Capital Partners had acquired Millennium Trust Company. They have a long-standing history of partnering with technology and financial services companies to accelerate growth and build world-class organizations. Brian Golson, Andrew Dodson, and Anthony Orazio have joined Scott McCartan and me on Millennium's Board of Directors, from Parthenon. I'm also pleased to welcome Rob Metzger, Director of the Investment Banking Academy at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, to the board. The board is currently working with senior management to finalize our long-term strategy.

I’m also happy to announce that Dan Laszlo has joined Millennium Trust Company as Chief Financial Officer. Dan started his career in 2006 as an analyst at Goldman, Sachs & Co. and most recently was a director at William Blair & Company, LLC focusing on corporate M&A and equity and debt transactions across the financial technology and financial services industries.

The Millennium Trust team has grown our organization from rather humble beginnings to a position at the industry forefront. We are now working with many emerging sectors of alternative finance. Businesses that require digital solutions to facilitate investment operations, address regulatory issues, and answer investor concerns about the custody of assets. Additionally, Millennium Trust continues to lead the automatic rollover IRA space by providing technology-based solutions that help many of the nation’s largest retirement plan sponsors to lower plan costs, reduce liabilities, and focus on current participants.

I could not be more proud of everything we’ve achieved so far, and I am thrilled about our future.

Gary Anetsberger
Chief Executive Officer