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Top Reasons Retirement Plans Can Help Small Businesses Attract Millennials

Retirement savings plans are important to Millennials and can help small businesses attract and retain talent.


Small Businesses Want Options

As state-sponsored retirement plans become more widespread, federal plans, like multiple employer plans (MEPs), have come front and center. But, small businesses want a private option for retirement savings, not a one-size-fits-all approach.


Small Businesses Can Play a Key Role in Retirement Crisis

Americans aren’t saving enough for retirement. Small businesses have options to offer retirement savings plans to their employees.


Retirement Plan Service Providers Could Benefit From Offering Sidecar IRAs

Sidecar IRAs - still relatively uncommon in the retirement industry today - may benefit plan providers and plan participants, and help promote retirement readiness while many Americans struggle to save for the future.

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From Legislative Footnote to Fiduciary Best Practice

Since their introduction as part of EGTRRA in 2001, automatic rollovers have transformed from a legislative afterthought to fiduciary best practice for plan sponsors and providers. Learn how this evolution occurred, and why automatic rollovers appear poised to remain an integral part of plan administration for the...

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Benefit Distribution Services

About Millennium Trust Company Respected custodian in the retirement services industry Industry leading provider of customized retirement services and custody solutions Comprehensive operations and client servicing environment Advanced technology that facilitates efficient and secure transmittal of data and funds...

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Search Services for Retirement Plan Balances

When plan participants leave balances behind, it can cause serious complications for administrators. Leverage Millennium Trust’s comprehensive search procedure to find missing participants and reunite them with their retirement assets.

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University Uses Automatic Rollovers to De-Risk Pension Plan

Higher education institutions have seen an increase in lawsuits targeting their retirement plans in recent years. This private, non-sectarian research university reduced their risk and saved administration fees by implementing Millennium Trust’s Automatic Rollover Solution for their defined benefit plan.

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Rollover Solutions Connect People to their Retirement Funds

A major publication recently published an article that explored how 401(k)s can be “drained” when employees leave their companies. In that article, automatic rollover IRAs were pointed out as one area that can potentially have a negative impact on retirement savings for non-retirees. The article stated that, due...

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Automatic Rollover IRAs Are Valuable Retirement Tools

Over the past several years, debate around the Department of Labor’s proposed fiduciary rule has focused on retirement advice and fiduciary responsibility. One often-raised issue is the value of Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) as retirement tools. Some experts think they are essential retirement planning tools...

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Retirement Services

Our suite of IRA and retirement services helps you reduce costs and liabilities, and better serve plan participants.

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The Key to the Uncashed Checks Dilemma

This White Paper details why uncashed checks have become a problem for plan sponsors, how widespread the problem is, how the problem can affect plan sponsors and how automatic rollover IRAs are the best solution to the problem, all based on guidance and rulings from the DOL, with respect to the Employee Retirement...

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