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Account Basics

4 Unintended Consequences of Congressional Proposals to Change IRA Investment Rules

The House of Representatives is discussing proposed legislation that would restrict what Americans can own within their individual retirement accounts. Find out what the the unintended consequences may be.


Top 4 Reasons Not to Take a Distribution

While it may sound like a good idea at first, there are serious tax implications to consider when taking an IRA distribution before retirement age.

5 minute read

Traditional IRA Calculator

How can contributing to a regular IRA help you in your retirement?

Financial Calculators

Roth vs. Traditional IRA Calculator

Use this calculator to determine which IRA may be right for you.

Financial Calculators

IRA Spend It Or Save It Calculator

Use this calculator to determine the difference between spending your IRA now versus saving it for retirement.

Financial Calculators

Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)

Regardless of whether it’s your first time taking a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) or you’ve been taking one for several years, when it comes to taking your RMD from an IRA holding alternative assets, it can get tricky. How can you best avoid delays and extra stress come December? Plan ahead!

Fact Sheet
2 minute read

Holding Private Equity in a Self-Directed IRA

Add diversity to your retirement nest egg with everything from start-ups to hybrid securities.

3 minute read

Real Estate IRAs: Just the Facts

You can use your self-directed IRA to invest in real estate.

2 minute read

Investor Custody Solutions

Investors are always seeking new ways to expand their portfolios and diversify investment holdings. Traditional diversification used to mean a combination of stocks, bonds, and mutuals funds. Today, evolving market conditions are spurring investors to expand their strategies beyond these traditional asset classes to...

Fact Sheet
3 minute read

Important Information Regarding Alternative Assets

Each Alternative Asset has unique features, requirements, and risks. Individual Investors and Advisors should perform the amount of research they feel necessary to ensure that investors understand the risks as well as the potential rewards involved with any investment. Here are some of the issues to consider, actions...

Fact Sheet
6 minute read

IRA Guidelines

Investors who open accounts with Millennium Trust should understand that self-directed IRA custodians serve as passive custodians. We do not sell investments, determine suitability or provide due diligence on investments for IRA owners. The success of your investment program depends on your investment selection. There...

4 minute read

Investor Awareness

EDUCATE YOURSELF AGAINST FRAUD Check Before You Invest Check Before You Invest is an investor education awareness campaign created by the Retirement Industry Trust Association (RITA), the trade association for self-directed retirement plan providers, of which Millennium Trust is a member. The purpose of this...

1 minute read