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Automatic Rollover Solutions for Institutions

Why rollover small balance accounts?

Small balance accounts can be a drain on resources, impairing effective plan administration and exposing you to additional fiduciary risks. Automatic Rollovers were created to provide an easy way for retirement plans to remove costly, small balance accounts while preserving the tax-deferred status of their retirement savings. 

DOL Requirements

More Choices

In order to roll over distributions from your plan to an IRA, the DOL requires that the initial investment product must be designed to minimize risk, preserve principal, provide a reasonable rate of return, and maintain liquidity. 

Our automatic rollover solution allows you to choose between our FDIC-insured, Cash Sweep Program or the Prudential Guaranteed Fund (PGF), a stable value fund offered by The Prudential Insurance Company of America. 

Cash Sweep ProgramPGF

Why use an Automatic Rollover Solution?

Our solution has been implemented by over 55,000 retirement plans, providing them a simple, secure, and client-friendly solution that is easy to use for both the plan and former employees.

Enhanced Flexibility and Features
  • No cost to the TPA or plan sponsor
  • No minimum balance requirement – even balances less than $1,000 are welcome
  • Default investment choices including FDIC-insured, money market vehicles
Unmatched Service and Support
  • Dedicated client service team available by phone, email, fax or in person
  • Experienced with IRAs and well trained on IRS distribution rules
  • Comprehensive welcome kit sent to new account holders
  • Client assistance available in multiple languages
Proven and Innovative Technology
  • Secure interface with all retirement record keeping systems
  • Participant information can be submitted in two ways – via secure portal or through automated file transfer with encrypted file format
  • IRA account holders have online access to their accounts and statements
Comprehensive Search Procedures
  • Conduct multiple searches for missing IRA account holders
  • No cost to plan sponsor