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  • Request a Distribution
    Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)
    Please complete and return this form if you wish to direct us to compute and/or distribute your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) for non-Roth IRAs and Qualified Retirement Plan accounts. If you are turning 73 in the current year and taking your first RMD, you have until April 1 of the following year to distribute your RMD. If you delay your initial RMD until April 1st the following year you will be responsible for taking two distributions that year, one by April 1st and one by December 31st. For each subsequent year, you are required to take your RMD by December 31st.
    Download form (PDF)
    IRA Distribution Request
    Request a one-time, tax-reportable withdrawal or to set up systematic payments from a Millennium IRA. Not to be used for Automatic Rollover accounts.
    Download form (PDF)
    Internal Transfer Authorization
    For internal transfer of funds from one Millennium Trust account to another. You must have ownership on an existing account before an internal transfer can be made.
    Download form (PDF)
    Transfer Pursuant to Divorce - Account Owner
    Authorize a transfer of interest from the account owner to his/her spouse under a divorce decree or separation instrument.
    Download form (PDF)
    Account Transfer Pursuant to Divorce - Former Spouse
    Account Owner’s former spouse completes for transfers of interest from the account owner under a divorce decree or separation instrument.
    Download form (PDF)
    Withdrawal of Excess IRA Contribution
    Complete in the event that the Account Owner has over contributed to their IRA and wishes to withdraw the excess contribution.
    Download form (PDF)
    Election of Payment by Beneficiary
    Beneficiary requests how payment of the Millennium account should be made when the IRA owner is deceased.
    Download form (PDF)
    Custody Account Distribution Request
    Request withdrawal from a Millennium custody account.
    Download form (PDF)
    Take Loan From Qualified Plan
    Request a loan from your Individual 401k or profit sharing plan.
    Download form (PDF)
    Qualified Retirement Plan Distribution Request
    Request withdrawal from a Millennium 401k or Profit Sharing Plan account.
    Download form (PDF)