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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do I reset my password?

    You are able to reset your password online by going to the Secure Log On page. Click here to view the Password Reset Instructions. If you still have trouble, call Millennium Trust at 800-258-7878 during normal business hours: Monday thru Friday, 8:00 a.m. — 4:30 p.m CT.

  • How do I change my password for MT Online?

    In the upper right hand corner, click on "My Account" and then choose "Change Password". The password must be between 8-20 characters and must include at least one letter, number and symbol (e.g. afhtfsf2$).

  • How do I log on the first time if I am an advisor or third party?

    Since this is the first time you are logging on, you are required to sign on through the Private computer process as outlined in the "Welcome to Millennium Trust Online" email. After you successfully log on and complete your Public Profile, you may choose to view your account using either a Private or Public computer.

  • What is the difference between a 'private' and 'public' computer?

    The first step in the Log On process is to select which type of computer you are using to access your account. If this is the first time you are logging on, you must select "Private Computer".

    Private/Trusted — If you are accessing your account from home or work, you may select this option to register your computer. This allows you to log on each time using only your User name and Password.

    Public/Shared — Allows you to view your account from a computer at a hotel, library or cafe without having to register the computer. However, you must verify a security image, phrase and question to log on to your account. In order to use the Public Computer option, you need to set up your public profile. You can set up your profile by logging on through a private computer, go to "My Account", select Edit and update your public profile.

  • Why do I have to go through the confirmation process again?

    When you select "Private" computer and you have already been through the enrollment process, the system is looking to confirm your identity. The following are some of the reasons that may cause the system not to recognize you and thus require you to repeat the enrollment process.

    • This is the first time you logged on to your account
    • You may have bought a new computer or are using a different computer
    • You have upgraded your browser or changed settings
    • You may have deleted your cookies
    • You may have reconfigured your computer, operating system or other software settings
    • Your Internet Service Provider may have changed settings on their system
  • How do I view my statements in Millennium Trust Online?

    After you log on to your account, click on the Reporting Tab, then select "Statements". If you have multiple accounts, select the account first and then the statement will appear below. You will need Adobe Acrobat to view the statement.

  • Where can I find my holdings?

    You will find the listing of your current holdings under the Portfolio Tab.

  • How do I view transactions?

    Under the Portfolio Tab, you will find your transaction history. Simply enter the date range you wish to view and click on "search".

  • How do I place a trade online?

    • Enter the account number, the ticker symbol or name of the security being traded
    • Select the order type - purchase or sale
    • Choose order category — market, limit, stop or stop limit
    • Enter number of shares (for mutual funds or equities) or
    • The dollar amount (for mutual funds only)
    • Click on the "confirm" button

    For any other type of investment, you will need to call Millennium Trust Company.

  • How do I know what price my stock will be purchased at?

    When placing a market order, the price of the stock is determined at the time the order is executed by our execution broker, CAPIS. The actual price paid will be shown on the trade confirmation.

  • What if I accidentally placed a trade? Bought the wrong stock/fund?

    As a self-directed account holder, you are responsible for the trade. On a mutual fund, if we are notified immediately, it is a "best efforts" to stop the trade. On a stock, we cannot stop the trade.

  • I just sold a stock, when will the cash be available?

    When you a sell a stock, the funds will not be available until 3 business days after you sell the stock. It is commonly referred to as T+3. For example, if you sell a stock on Monday, the funds will not be available until Thursday.

  • I just sold a mutual fund, when will the cash be available?

    When you sell a mutual fund, the cash from the sale of the mutual fund will not be available until the next business day. It is commonly referred to as T+1. For example, if you sell a mutual fund on Monday, the cash will not be available until Tuesday.

  • Do you offer advice?

    No, this is a self-directed account. We do provide Morningstar Tools on Mutual Funds.

  • How do I access the mutual fund list?

    View the Mutual Fund Guide for a list of mutual funds and fund families that can be held in an account with Millennium Trust.

  • Do you offer research on stocks?

    No, we do not offer stock research. We do however offer Morningstar Tools to research mutual funds.

  • How do I place a limit or stop order online?

    To place a limit or stop order, select the Trading tab and then "Enter Trades".

    • Enter the account number, the ticker symbol or name of the security being traded
    • Select the order type - purchase or sale
    • Choose order category (i.e. Limit, Stop, or Stop Limit),
    • Enter the shares and limit price.
    • Select the timing on the order: Day Order, Good Till Date, or Good Till Cancel. If a "Good Till..." option is selected, select a date for the order to expire.
    • Click on the "confirm" button