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Custody Services Benefits and Services

The Benefits

There are many reasons you may need a specialized custodian. Institutions and advisors use us to take advantage of growing investor demand for alternatives. There are even regulations that require a qualified custodian in certain instances. Whatever the reason, it is important to choose a custodian that understands the complexities of providing custody services for alternative assets. 

Leverage our client focus

Client relationships are important to both of us. Direct access to your dedicated Millennium Trust team ensures you get the assistance and tools you need, as well as the high-touch service you and your clients deserve.

Broaden the investment options you offer

We custody more than 14,000 alternative assets as well as traditional assets.

Capitalize on private funds

Whether launching a new fund and planning to raise capital, or operating an established fund with significant assets under management, you can count on us to help you meet custody requirements and investor demand for transparency.

Gain better access

We make it easy for you to diversify your clients’ holdings with online solutions for account opening, transfers and reporting. We are dedicated to streamlining these processes.

Deploy sophisticated account management tools

Through our secure web-based portals, your clients can authorize you to track their account opening and funding as well as access current holdings and activity. We also offer data integration into many portfolio management tools.

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