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Join the millions of clients we’ve helped reconnect with their retirement savings after they were rolled over to us by their previous employers. Right now your money is in FDIC-insured bank accounts or another investment chosen by your previous employer until you claim it and decide your next move. You can scan the QR code in your Welcome Letter to make this process even quicker and easier.

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Here are your options:

Keep your account with Millennium Trust

Put your savings to work and align with your long-term goals. Access a wide range of traditional investment options, or use Simple Select to access a list of funds curated by the experts at Morningstar, which can help you pick what's right for you in just a few clicks.

Move your money to your current 401(k)

If your current 401(k) plan accepts rollovers from IRAs, you can choose to consolidate your retirement savings, moving the money in your Millennium Trust account to your current employer’s 401(k) plan with the help of one of our Rollover Specialists or click here to learn more.

Transfer your money to another IRA provider

You can transfer the money in your Millennium Trust account to another IRA provider of your choice. View our Outgoing Transfer Instructions to learn more.

Withdraw your money

If you need to withdraw money from your account, we can process a distribution for you. Keep in mind a withdrawal may lead to taxes and penalties, so you may want to consult with a tax or financial advisor before requesting a distribution.

Whatever you choose, we’re here to help.

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What You Gain

After you register and claim your account, you’ll have access to:

  • Simple Select to help you identify investments that match your goals
  • Trade Center which enables you to invest in stocks, mutual funds, ETFs and alternative assets
  • Account information and transaction details
  • Statements and tax forms
  • Educational resources and content
  • Resources to create your investment strategy

MTC Investment Platform

Simple Select Tool

Simple Select
Curated List

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Take The Next Step

Review the letter you received in the mail to determine your next step.

If your letter says you have a Traditional or Roth IRA, you can take control of your account online. Get started here or by scanning the QR code in your welcome letter.
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If your letter references an Individual Custody account, you'll need to download and complete our Custody Account Agreement for Taxable Funds.
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Didn't receive a letter or did you lose it? We can help you find your account.
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*Morningstar Research Services LLC, is registered with and governed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and is a subsidiary of Morningstar, Inc. The select list provided by Morningstar Research Services is derived from the universe of investments available when you use Millennium Trust’s services. The universe does not include all investments available in the marketplace. Both the universe of investments available through Millennium Trust and the select list of investments selected by Morningstar Research Services LLC are subject to change without notice. Particular investments in the select list may not be appropriate investments for every individual, and there may be other investment options that are more suitable. Morningstar Research Services may have more favorable opinions of certain investments which are not included in the universe available through Millennium Trust. Morningstar Research Services’ selections were based on qualitative factors and quantitative analysis in addition to the judgment of analysts. Morningstar Research Services is not acting in the capacity of adviser to investors. The Morningstar name and logo are registered marks of Morningstar, Inc. Neither Millennium Trust nor Morningstar Research Services acts as an adviser to those invested in the select list. Millennium Trust and Morningstar Research Services are not affiliated with each other.