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Know Your Small Business Retirement Plan Options: What is a SEP IRA?

March 12, 2020
By Millennium Trust

Small businesses have other retirement savings options when a 401(k) is too expensive and administratively complex. Several IRA plan options exist to help you and your employees save for retirement.

Know Your Small Business Retirement Plan Options: What is a SIMPLE IRA?

March 10, 2020
By Millennium Trust

When a 401(k) plan isn’t the right fit, small businesses have retirement savings options that are less expensive and less administratively complex.

SEC Proposes to Amend Definition of Accredited Investor: Are You Qualified to Invest in Alternative Investments?

March 5, 2020
By Millennium Trust

The number of companies trading on stock exchanges has fallen by one-half during the past two decades. As a result, portfolio diversification has become more challenging. If the Securities and Exchange Commission amends its definition of an accredited investor, opportunities to invest in alternative assets may increase.

Don’t Forget These 4 Financial Considerations for the Year Ahead

February 24, 2020
By Gary Anetsberger

Now that 2020 is underway, it’s important to make sure you didn’t miss these considerations when you set your goals for the year.

How the SECURE Act Impacts Individual Retirement Savers

February 3, 2020
By Terry Dunne

After years of proposals and counter proposals, the SECURE Act was passed in late 2019, which creates opportunities for individuals to increase retirement security.


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