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As the DOL Cracks Down on Missing Participants, What Can Plan Sponsors Do?

April 18, 2019
By Terry Dunne

The DOL has increased its scrutiny of plan sponsors efforts’ to locate missing participants and prevent participants from going missing in the first place. Read about what plan sponsors can do to battle these rising concerns.  

Direct Rollover IRAs: A Valuable Tool in the Battle for Retirement Security

March 13, 2019
By Terry Dunne

The pressure for defined contribution plans to extend their relationships with participants into retirement is increasing. Direct rollover IRAs can be a win-win-win for plan sponsors, participants, and providers.

If Not Now, When? It’s Time for Cybersecurity to Be a Plan Priority

February 20, 2019
By Terry Dunne

Cyberattacks have been on the rise – especially on plan sponsors – yet many plans don’t see cybersecurity as a top priority.

What Do You Know About Retirement Saving Options for Small Businesses?

November 21, 2018
By Terry Dunne

Federal and state governments have been taking steps to encourage higher levels of workplace retirement plan sponsorship and participation due to the concern over the retirement crisis in the U.S.

Does Your Plan Have A Retirement Income Philosophy?

November 2, 2018
By Terry Dunne

Corporate communications around retirement plans may become more complex as plan sponsors decide how, and whether, to support participants as they move from work into retirement.


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