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Brokers, expect more from your clients’ account management team

September 21, 2023
By PayFlex

Your clients have unique challenges. They need an account management team that will deliver. Here are a few things your clients should expect from every account management team.

Seamless transition from the sales team

Your clients spent a lot of time discussing their needs with the sales team. The last thing they want is to go through that information sharing process again. Look for an organization who provides a seamless experience from the sales team to account management. A streamlined process can set up the relationship for success.

A point of contact

Your clients deserve to have a point of contact who has deep knowledge of the industry and understands your clients’ unique needs. “An account manager should get to know your client. A great account management team wants them to feel like they’re more than a number in a queue,” said Ben Morris, head of client management at PayFlex.

Consultative relationship

A forward-thinking team that will advocate internally on your clients’ behalf is an important piece of the account management relationship. The account relationship team should be interested in moving a clients’ goals forward.

Goal setting

Measurable goals will keep your client and their benefits partner on the same page. Shared goals improve communication and reporting. They also lead to more productive meetings. For example, if your client is looking to increase participation in their health savings account (HSA), a great account management team can provide tailored recommendations, measure against those goals, and provide read outs on the data regularly.

Regular meeting cadence

An account management team should host quarterly business meetings. These meetings are not only a review of what the team has done in the past but also an opportunity to plan for the future. Using data as a guide, the team can adjust their approach and prioritize changes based on these quarterly meetings.

“During our meetings with clients about their benefits, we look at our communication with employees. We review the channels and the messaging to see if we are aligning with our client’s goals. We look at information on call volume, pain points, logins, and even portfolio mix. We come with suggestions on how to improve but it’s a collaboration on how we can work even better together,” Morris said.


When your client has a point of contact and a consultative relationship, there is an opportunity for custom communication and platform personalization. When a team truly understand your needs, they can help create a solution that works for you.

Support from tenured leadership

Your clients should get the support they need from professionals who know the business inside and out. When a benefit partner’s leadership has experience, that expertise trickles down. Your client will want a team who has come across changes in an industry in the past and has the strategy and tenure to adapt quickly.


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