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Let’s Learn Something New Today!

November 28, 2018
By Millennium Trust

Henry Ford said: ‘Anyone who keeps learning stays young,’ and here at Millennium Trust, we are staying young, indeed.

With the launch of Millennium Trust’s first-ever Learning Management System (LMS) in May and the addition of Christy Roth as a Senior Instructional Designer to our Training and Development team in November 2017, continuing education has been elevated from a compliance necessity to a training program that aligns with our firm’s people development strategy.

“We’ve always offered the mandatory financial and IT security requisites and provided technical continuing education classes for our employees,” explains Jeanne Reder, Senior Vice President and Manager of Training and Development. “With the addition of the LMS, our training environment is now much more comprehensive and available in one central source. Training is the key to helping develop, grow and retain our talent.”

Jeanne identifies the five areas, with a few examples of each, targeted by this new comprehensive approach to training:

  • Foundational – Core Values, New Hire Onboarding, Exploring MTC

  • Compliance – Preventing Harassment & Discrimination, Information Security, Anti-Money Laundering

  • Technical – Client Service and Operations Training, Retirement Account Training

  • Soft Skills – Leadership and Management, Customer Service, Microsoft Office

  • Leadership – High Impact Leadership, Performance Management

The more than 400 self-paced courses that Millennium Trust’s LMS offers have translated into over 775 hours of learning from May until September – with the Client Service and Operations teams participating in the most training courses.

“These courses align with our mission to always be improving the client experience,” Christy says. “The more skills employees with direct client engagement have, whether technical or soft, the better that experience will be.” Jeanne adds:

With the additional knowledge that is now available, employees feel more empowered to assist the client, leading to a more pleasant client experience.

The five most popular soft skill courses that Millennium Trust employees have taken since launching the LMS include:

  1. Telephone Etiquette

  2. Stellar Customer Service Best Practices

  3. Complaint Handling

  4. Customer Service Success

  5. Identifying and Exceeding Customer Needs

Among some of the LMS’s key features are its ability to be accessed from anywhere, anytime and any device; its personal dashboard, which highlights an employee’s learning status – whether one has been assigned, completed, etc.; and that it allows Millennium Trust’s People Leaders to assign Courses, Learning Programs and Certifications to their teams.

Jeanne also values the control and reporting functions of the system. “We wanted a system that provides People Leaders with the tools to easily track their employees’ progress.” Management is also able to utilize these reports when preparing performance appraisals.

Christy summarizes what the LMS is all about: “We are always trying to improve our performance and always looking for ways to improve our service to our clients. We can achieve this by offering knowledge, skills and competencies. Continuous training is how we can better ourselves.”

Want to be a part of our team? Check out the job openings Millennium has available on our Careers page.

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