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For Mike Trainor, Collaboration Is Key to Helping Others Do Their Jobs Better

September 17, 2018
By Millennium Trust

If you ask Mike Trainor, he’ll tell you he’s just doing his job. But to his supervisors and co-workers, he’s exercising one of Millennium Trust’s core values: collaboration.

A business analyst in Operations for almost two years, Mike recently joined the Project Management Organization-IT as a project manager/business analyst. He explains that the focus of his role remains basically the same – design solutions that make everyone’s job easier.

“I try to find the pain points throughout the organization,” Mike explains. “Once I understand the work that needs to get done, I figure out how to manage the various technologies we employ so that I can remove any obstacles, automate any tedious or time-consuming work, and improve the overall processes we use.”

Of course, a challenge like this requires, at its core, collaboration. Mike consults with the various stakeholders involved in any given process or task. He says he begins each project assuring his internal clients “that it’s my job to make their jobs better. Starting with that goal in mind really helps facilitate collaboration from the inside out.”

One such ‘fix’ that Mike is particularly pleased with is the twice-a-year audit of the vault. Before Mike tackled this project, it took 20 employees working eight overtime hours on a Saturday to complete. Mike was able to find elements of the audit that could be automated and other ways to cut down the overall timeline.

“Not only were we able to save the company money by cutting the amount of time this takes in half, but 20 employees got most of their Saturday back twice a year,” Mike says. “No one wants to spend their entire Saturday at work if it can be avoided!”

Other projects Mike gets involved with directly benefit Millennium Trust clients.

“We are trying to increase the functionality of the online experience for our clients,” Mike explains. “Our client services teams occasionally receive calls from clients who find it challenging to find or access certain online forms. The teams come to us, we triage the problems and help deliver the changes that will ultimately create a better online experience for our clients.”

Mike joined Millennium Trust after earning his MBA with a concentration in finance from Dominican University.

“I wanted to marry my project management experience with my interest and education in finance,” he says. “It was an easy transition. Everyone here is open to collaboration and very helpful. I love getting into a room with people from all facets of the organization, working together to develop solutions to complex problems, and then seeing those solutions implemented for the benefit of my co-workers.”

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