Matthew Kiggins | Custodian - Millennium Trust Company

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Custody Services Team

Matthew Kiggins

Senior Vice President, Regional Director
Matthew Kiggins

P:  630.472.5968
M: 630.991.7667

Matt is a SVP and the Regional Director for Millennium Trust in the East region. He and the team provide secure solutions to help fund managers and SEC Registered Investment Advisors meet the Custody Rule requirements, provide enhanced transparency and deliver necessary reporting through Millennium’s Fund Custody, Safekeeping and Verification services. Matt also works with our client relationships offering our individual custody solution for firms that would like to position retirement accounts as an option when raising investor capital.

Prior to joining Millennium Trust, Matt worked for Fidelity Investments as a Product Director for their alternative investments offering and also held positions at GMO, Boston Partners Asset Management and Mellon Trust. He holds a bachelor of arts degree in economics from Fitchburg State University.