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Court Filings

We recently received Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC (BLMIS) Securities Investor Protection Act (SIPA) Liquidation notices pertaining to your IRA’s Madoff investment claim. In case you did not receive copies directly, electronic copies of the notices listed below can be viewed on the Madoff Recovery Initiative website. For your convenience, we have listed each document and its exact links below.

RE: Client Notices sent out 1/3/2017

RE: Client Notices sent out 10/7/2016

RE: Client Notices sent out 8/4/2016

RE: Client Notices sent out 11/25/2015

RE: Client Notices sent out 9/10/2015

All payouts on claims for IRA investments should be made directly to your IRA custodian. If you receive payouts directly, it may be considered a taxable IRA distribution which may be eligible for a tax free “rollover” to your MTC IRA or another IRA custodian within 60 days, subject to certain restrictions. Please consult a professional tax advisor regarding your rollover options and the tax consequences of directly receiving a distribution. MTC acts solely as a directed custodian and does not offer legal, tax or investment advice.