Millennials and Financial Security: The Ongoing Battle as Middle Age Approaches

July 22, 2019
By Terry Dunne


It may be difficult to imagine, but Americans on the leading edge of the Millennial generation will celebrate their 40th birthdays next year.

A lot has been made of the differences between Millennials and previous generations. Millennials constantly seem to be in the news. Some say that they don’t share the same values as older generations, while others contend that their behavior is the result of a poor financial hand they’ve been dealt.

As opposed to their predecessors, Millennials have started saving for retirement earlier, but have postponed major life events like home buying, marriage and children.

Learn more about the challenges Millennials face as they approach middle age and how employers can help in 401(k) Specialist.

Chart source: “The consumer is changing, but perhaps not how you think.” Deloitte Insights. May 2019.
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