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Knowing the Grass Is Greener: Employees Seek New Opportunities within Millennium Trust

April 2, 2019
By Millennium Trust

Just a few generations ago, American workers stayed at the same employer their entire careers, typically in the same line of work. Not only do we generally not stay at the same company anymore, but we also tend to prefer a variety of jobs or careers.

Meet four Millennium Trust employees who felt that restlessness, but found they didn’t have to leave the company to find the change they wanted.

Dan Faridi joined Millennium Trust in September 2016 as a Senior Account Manager in Operations after four years in a similar role at a trust company. In July 2018, he transitioned into a Sales role.

“Coming here from a large organization was a refreshing change,” Dan says. “I even met the CEO my first week here! But after a couple of years in my Operations role, I began to feel like, well, I’ve done this before.”

He notes he didn’t want to leave the company. “I wasn’t unhappy. I just wanted something new.”

Dan met with his manager to discuss his career growth and what he was interested in. His manager helped him connect with upper management, and the rest is history.

“I’m really happy working directly with clients, bringing in new business,” he says. “My manager didn’t hold me back from trying something else. Everyone here is open to the possibilities.”

In March 2016, Jana Jones joined the firm to lead Sales Strategy for Retirement Services. In that role, she helped guide the department’s growth by introducing new technology solutions and data analytics, even though she does not consider herself an “IT person.” Still, her work was noticed, and she moved to IT in September 2018 to help identify and lead the implementation of company-wide technological solutions.

“I started out joking with my new colleagues in IT asking, ‘what am I doing here? I’m not a techie,’” Jana explains. “But that’s the point. I don’t do what they do, but I can bring my business background and sales experience to help us at yet another pivotal growth point.”

She adds, “People don’t live and die by their titles here. Yes, we have them, but collaboration is one of our five values, which means everyone gets a voice and a seat at the table.”

For Rich Urban, moving to Custody Services in October 2018 from Retirement Services meant doing essentially the same work but for a different clientele.

“I wanted to learn another side of the business,” Rich says. “Work is more fun when you’re learning something new – to stretch and challenge yourself.”

After more than three years working in Client Services for Retirement Services, he was ready for a change. He knew he would not find similar corporate values or culture outside Millennium Trust, so he decided to look internally.

Rich adds,

Millennium Trust is unlike any other company I’ve ever worked for. They encourage your growth, and if you want to take advantage of that, there are a lot of opportunities.

After five years as an Office Services Coordinator, Rashad Saffo felt ready for a new challenge, but really enjoyed the culture at Millennium Trust.

“Instead of looking outside the company, I had a discussion with John Samaan (SVP, Head of Human Resources),” Rashad says. “I told him what I was looking for, and he encouraged me to work with my manager and pursue the position I have now.”

Now an Account Administrator in Retirement Services Distribution, he works closely with clients, a welcome change.  

Rashad credits the culture at Millennium Trust for not only making him want to look internally for a new role, but for even making it possible.

“Sometimes when you’re looking for something outside your comfort zone, you may feel unqualified,” he starts. “But when I spoke to John, he was adamant and encouraging that I pursue this opportunity. The culture of Millennium Trust made the evolution happen. Everyone in the process was encouraging.”

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