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Millennium Trust’s Culture is not Easily Replicated, According to our Boomerang Employees

December 6, 2018
By Millennium Trust

"No other company cares as much about their employees."

"They hire people with a team mindset."

"The culture and the people here are different from anywhere else."

"Things move fast at Millennium, and I enjoy that."

They all left for different reasons; but they all came back for the same one – Millennium Trust’s culture.

  • Jennifer Vai, Transaction Specialist, left after 11 years at Millennium Trust for what she thought would be a better opportunity.

  • Aby Singh, Vice President and Senior Project Manager in IT, wanted to move into a managerial role after two years here and found an opportunity outside of Millennium Trust.

  • Michelle Paul, Relationship Manager in Retirement Sales, spent two years in a client service role that was mostly focused on operations but felt her strengths were in sales, so she left to sell real estate fulltime.

  • Alison Leonard, Executive Assistant in Operations, was promised ‘the moon and stars’ by someone she’d interviewed with while also interviewing at Millennium Trust. She was here less than six months when the ‘other company’ wooed her away.

“Becky (Barnhart, Human Resources Coordinator) asked me at my exit interview here what I didn’t like, and I said ‘nothing,’” Alison says. “She asked what I liked, and I said, ‘everything, especially the people. They’re awesome.’” 

Like the other Millennium Trust ‘Boomerang Employees’ – employees who return to work for a former employer – Alison knew her first day at the new company she’d made a mistake. “I came home and told my husband I wasn’t going back,” she says. Instead, she sent an email to John Samaan (SVP, Head of Human Resources) asking if she could have her old job back. The answer was yes.

Aby tried out her new employer for about three months, but she acknowledges she was unhappy from the start.

“The work I’ve done at Millennium Trust has been the most satisfying for me,” Aby explains. “I moved into a managerial role – very hands-off – and I missed what I did here. Things move fast at Millennium, and I enjoy that.”

She says her husband warned her that she was leaving a ‘good thing,’ at Millennium Trust, but Aby needed to try it anyway. “After a few months – the stress, the commute – it was too much, and I called my old boss here and asked if he would take me back,” Aby explains. “Thankfully, he did!”

It was a little different for Michelle. She was in a client service role that was mostly focused on operations at Millennium Trust and was a part-time realtor. She preferred the sales side of her day, so decided to try doing it fulltime.

“I like that client contact,” she explains. “It’s really what I’m best at, and I wasn’t finding an opportunity here to move into a sales role.”

Two months later, Millennium Trust came calling, having found a sales position for her.

“It had been an extremely tough decision to leave the company, so I was thrilled when I got the call,” Michelle says. “No other company cares as much about their employees. The company is always asking for feedback, offering training, collaborating, celebrating. I was so happy to come back.”

While the other three were here two years or less before leaving, Jennifer left after 11 years. Wanting to try something new to expand her skill set, she took a job working on the trading side of the business. “My first day there,” Jennifer says, “I asked myself, ‘what did I do?’”

Jennifer was gone three months when the stress of the new job, the commute and her longing to work again with her Millennium Trust colleagues brought her back. “After being here 11 years,” she says, “I really felt the people here are like family. Millennium Trust cultivates relationships. The culture and the people here are different from anywhere else.”

All four appreciate the efforts management makes to get to know employees and implement their input into the business.

Gary (Anetsberger, CEO) takes time to walk around, talking to everyone," Jennifer says. "He knows everyone’s name. He even comes to welcome everyone on his or her first day.”

All four agreed that the company’s success stems from its hiring. “They hire people with a team mindset,” Jennifer said.

Aby shared an experience she had when traveling that demonstrates that team attitude. “We were traveling together when one colleague learned her hotel reservation fell through,” Aby says. “The entire team stayed with her at the airport until midnight until we knew she had a hotel room and was safe.”

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