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A Summer Well Spent: Interns Reflect on Their Time Working at Millennium

August 17, 2018
By Millennium Trust

The Millennium Trust internship program provides young professionals the opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge developed in the classroom in real life within the financial services industry. Running for approximately 8 weeks throughout the summer, this program provides students and recent graduates a chance to network, perform hands-on work relating to their field of study, and a chance to make a significant impact on Millennium Trust.

John Samaan, Senior Vice President, Head of Human Resources spoke with some of our summer interns, Daniel Fee, Kyle Murray, Jeremy Plummer, Gabby Prylinski and Alondra Silva about their experiences as a Millennium Trust intern, and how Millennium’s culture and values played a vital role during their internships.

John Samaan (JS): What impact did the Millennium Trust internship have on you?

Jeremy Plummer (JP): Working at Millennium this summer was my first real experience as an intern, and it has truly set the bar high. The program does an exceptional job of guiding interns through their first days in a corporate environment and quickly integrating them into everyday work life. Throughout the internship there are an abundance of learning opportunities that revolve around both the company and its leadership. Overall, this program is well structured and the perfect opportunity for someone looking to start their career.

JS: How would you describe our company culture to a friend?

Alondra Silva (AS): The culture at Millennium is caring, helpful, and fun! Millennium is truly aligned with their core values; I saw it every day at work. Employees were always happy to answer my questions which helped me integrate into the company well. Millennium values their employees by offering many growth opportunities. I had a positive experience at Millennium and the company culture played a big role.

JS: How were our values incorporated into your daily work?

Daniel Fee (DF): I worked in Private Fund Custody, and we certainly strive to follow Millennium’s values. We work to ‘do right’ by following the rules and procedures within our department.  We work collaboratively by offering assistance if someone is unsure of something, or by helping settle a coworker’s transaction. During team meetings, we brainstormed innovative ways in which we can improve our individual, team, and departmental efficiency. We celebrate our coworkers by recognizing their accomplishments in team meetings, and by celebrating birthdays every month. 

JS: What was your favorite thing about working at MTC?

Kyle Murray (KM): The best aspect of working at Millennium is the employees. From day one all of my colleagues were eager to help me understand the company, and teach me the daily job functions required to succeed. From executives to supervisors to account managers, every person I have dealt with has treated me with respect and a smile on their face. The amount of employee support truly makes Millennium distinguishable.

Gabby Prylinski (GP): One of my favorite things about working at Millennium was participating in the intern events. Some of these events included the Oak Brook Chamber of Commerce luncheon where we got the chance to network with other local interns, our end of summer celebration at Pinstripes, and the lunch and learns with senior leaders. I felt these events helped me better understand the financial industry, celebrated my accomplishments and led to many new connections made in the 8 weeks I was here. 

JS: Would you recommend Millennium Trust as a place to work and why?

GP: I would recommend Millennium as a place to work because they truly value the work put in by their employees. Through my time here I have worked with individuals from a wide array of departments, and everyone wanted me to succeed. Whether that was by answering a question I had, or by asking me to have lunch with them, they wanted to help me grow and enjoy working together to accomplish my goals as well as Millennium’s. I also felt immense support from my co-workers upon my completion of tasks or projects, which motivated me to push myself to do the best work possible.

DF: Yes, Millennium Trust is a great company that provided me with an excellent understanding of the financial services industry. There are a wide variety of jobs available, and the company is quickly expanding. Additionally, there are opportunities to advance your career, as employees are frequently promoted from within the organization to new roles. 

JS: What sets our internship program apart from others you have seen/worked at?

JP: Millennium Trust’s Internship Program is unique in the sense that it not only gives interns the chance to learn about the corporate culture and actually participate in meaningful work, but it also works to develop a leadership skillset and a constant passion to improve. Each intern is paired with an Executive Buddy, providing them with a chance to learn about the career path of a successful individual and the opportunity to become more comfortable talking to a high level individual within a company.

GP: The Millennium Trust Internship Program is unique because you gain real-world experience while being provided with support and guidance from your peers. We were immersed into the culture as a true team member while also having the opportunity to connect with executive leaders in the company. Millennium had a great formal internship program that included lunch and learns with senior leaders, an end of summer party and a volunteer day (amongst other events). The effort employees put in to the internship program shows the true value they see in shaping young, future leaders.

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