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Building Wealth with Alternatives: Welcome to the Millennium Alternative Investment Network

July 24, 2018
By Tom Daley

We’ve all heard the expression, “What goes up, must come down.” While we’ve been in a bull market for almost 10 years, experience tells us the market will turn downward at some point. While no one knows when – it’s best to prepare now.

A diversified approach to investing may help you protect your future. The traditional “60/40 rule,” in which 60 percent of a portfolio is allocated to stocks and the remaining 40 percent to bonds, may not withstand extreme market volatility. If you look at the investment approach of many billionaires, you’ll notice they all have one thing in common: they invest in alternative investments to diversify their portfolios.

Generally speaking, alternative assets have a low correlation to stocks and bonds. Contrary to popular opinion, alternatives are not just for large, institutional investors. Investors at any level may be able to invest in a variety of alternative asset classes.  Investors can use a self-directed IRA, which comes with many tax advantages.

So what’s holding investors back from tapping into the potential of self-directed IRAs and adding alternatives to their portfolios? The primary barrier is simply a lack of knowledge. Further, many financial advisors associate alternatives with time, money and complexity – stigmas from the past that continue to linger.

We’re helping to tear down these barriers with the introduction of our refreshed Millennium Alternative Investment Network®, otherwise known as “MAIN®.”

The MAIN Difference

New technology has made investing in alternative assets much easier. While the investment process has been simplified, figuring out where to start (whether you are a financial advisor or individual investor) can seem daunting.

Understanding that education is critical to the process, we recently revamped MAIN to help both advisors and individuals understand their options and connect them to alternative investment platforms.

Through MAIN, investors can discover alternative investment options, access research and materials, compare and select investment platforms and custody assets using a single account.

We’ve got you covered with answers to the most frequently asked questions!

  • What are my options?

    According to a 2017 Millennium Trust survey, there is a lack of awareness about alternatives among investors. 42 percent of high-net-worth investors surveyed have only slight or no familiarity with hedge funds, 33 percent have little to no familiarity with private equity and nearly half have little or no knowledge of other alternatives such as marketplace lending and crowdfunding*. We want you to understand your options, and “Discover” how alternative investments—including real estate, private equity, marketplace lending, precious metals and more—can help you diversify your portfolio.

  • Where can I go to research these options?

    When you’re on the MAIN homepage, just click “Research.” You’ll find a wealth of resources about the different types of alternative investment platforms available through MAIN.

  • How do I select an investment platform to visit?

    Head to the “Invest” tab via the MAIN homepage. Then select an asset category, the amount you want to invest and investor status – options will automatically appear based on your requirements. Learning more about your options will empower you in your discussions with your financial advisor. Your financial advisor will help you evaluate your choices and perform any necessary due diligence before you make an investment.

  • Who can I turn to when I’m ready to invest?

    We’re at your service! Once you have discussed your options with your financial advisor and have chosen the investment that suits your needs, we can help you open a self-directed IRA to custody the investment.

  • Can I diversify in an array of alternatives using one account?

    You sure can – we’ll custody multiple assets within your MAIN account.

Our streamlined solution is designed to educate and guide investors through the entire process. However, we recommend all individuals consult with investment, tax and/or legal advisors before investing in alternatives.

Visit MAIN today to learn more and get started.

*Based on an April 2017 survey by Millennium Trust Company of 500 individuals 30 and up with household income of $200,000+ who have invested in stocks, bonds or commodities through an IRA.

The material in this blog is presented for informational purposes only. Millennium Trust Company performs the duties of a directed custodian for IRAs and other custodial accounts. Millennium Trust does not undertake any due diligence for you, including on the Platforms listed on MAIN, their prospective investments or any other investments you select to hold in your Millennium Trust account. The information on each Platform was provided by that Platform. Millennium Trust is not affiliated with any Platform, investment sponsor or investment available through MAIN. The inclusion of any Platform, investment sponsor or investment option on MAIN in no way represents an endorsement or recommendation of the Platform, investment sponsor or any of their investment options, and Millennium Trust does not recommend or endorse any such Platform, investment sponsor or investment. The Platforms, investment sponsors and investment options available through MAIN are not a complete list of investment providers or investments that you may choose to hold in a Millennium Trust account, and are provided for informational purposes only. As a directed custodian, Millennium Trust does not offer or sell investments or provide investment, tax or legal advice. Investors should perform their own due diligence on any investment opportunity, and should consult their own investment, tax and legal advisors before making any investment decision.


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