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Culture, Values Create Better Client Experience

May 15, 2018
By Millennium Trust

In 1993, a woman walked into a trust company’s office looking for a job. Successful in that quest, she excelled as the firm’s receptionist, continually asking for – and given – greater responsibilities.

Fast-forward to 2018, and that woman, Marilyn Vozar, serves Millennium Trust Company as a Senior Account Administrator on the Client Service team.

Marilyn says her goal 25 years ago was to “get my foot in the door and work my way up.” Hers is a loyalty not seen often in Corporate America today.

While she has seen a lot of change in her 25 years at Millennium Trust and its predecessor, one thing has remained constant:  Millennium Trust’s values, which as reported here in early 2018, were formalized. In brief: Do Right, Collaborate, Innovate, Excel, Celebrate. Marilyn says those values have always been part of the company’s culture.

What has changed? For one, the size of our company. We have experienced remarkable growth, which presents opportunities and challenges.

Marilyn moved from Retirement Sales to Client Service about eight years ago, and in that time, she says the department has nearly doubled in size; in that same time, the call volume has also doubled. Innovations in technology have helped with that challenge.

“Technology has made it easier to efficiently serve our clients,” explains Marilyn. “These advances result in fewer phone calls, faster resolutions and, ultimately, happier clients.”

The company’s growth also can make it more difficult to know everyone. Our commitment to “Celebrate,’ however, overcomes that challenge, and Marilyn plays a role in that as well. As a 25-year member of Millennium Trust’s Party Committee, she helps create employee-celebrating activities throughout the year.

“It’s often at these events when I meet someone who has helped me while I’m on a client service call,” Marilyn explains, “and it’s great when I can put a face with a name.”

For Marilyn, ‘doing right’ by her clients often means allowing them to vent, letting them “release their frustrations.”

She explains, “Many of our calls are from people who did not know that Millennium has custody of their retirement account, so they are understandably confused and upset. I let them express their frustration by allowing them to say their peace and release their built up stress. I understand why they’re aggravated. By allowing them to vent, I can explain their options and they are able to comprehend since they have released the built up stress. I don’t take their anger to heart, and I’m rewarded when they end the call with thanking me for being caring and understanding.”

Do Right. Collaborate. Innovate. Excel. Celebrate. These are the values that Marilyn has exhibited in her 25 years at Millennium Trust, and they are the values that help everyone here deliver the best possible client service.

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