Our Automatic Rollover process is efficient and client-friendly. The IRAs we offer are designed to comply with the DOL’s Safe Harbor Regulations, while actively engaging and empowering participants on their journey toward retirement.

Supporting Plans and Participants on the Road to Retirement

Millennium Trust helps plans with missing and non-responsive participants, while helping reduce costs, administrative burdens and potential liabilities. We have more than 97,000 plans using our proven process – refined over years of experience – making it easy and straightforward for our partners.

We are uniquely positioned in our strong collaborative relationships with recordkeepers, TPAs and plan sponsors of all sizes, and service small and large IRAs.

We’ve seen that passively saving for retirement is not enough. Improving retirement security in the United States requires more. Plan sponsors need solutions that:

• Support higher levels of saving,
• Overcome the "set and forget" challenges created by automatic services and
• Actively engage and encourage Americans on their journey toward retirement.

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