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Rollover IRA Benefits and Services

Your Millennium Trust IRA

An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is a tax-deferred way to save money for retirement. The IRA that was established for you at Millennium Trust Company was “automatically rolled over” from a retirement plan at a former employer. It was rolled over into an account at Millennium Trust either because your former employer closed out the plan or was unable to reach you to discuss your options.

The funds in your IRA are currently held in an FDIC-insured, interest-bearing bank demand account, unless you have directed otherwise. We invite you to explore additional options for your IRA.

The Basics

Contributing to IRA

If you are eligible to fund an IRA, you can make contributions to your Millennium Trust IRA up to the IRS's annual contribution limit. You may also transfer other IRAs or rollover distributions from other retirement plans into your Millennium IRA.

Deposit Form
Designating Beneficiaries

Because the terms of your former retirement plan are no longer applicable, any specified beneficiary designation ended when the rollover was made. You should specify your beneficiary designation(s) by completing the Automatic Rollover IRA Form. If your IRA Form has already been submitted, you can change your designation(s) by completing the Beneficiary Designation form.

Beneficiary Designation Form
Account Fees

Millennium Trust charges a one-time fee to establish an IRA in your name and an annual fee for custody and investment services. After the first year, your account is charged an annual fee in the same month the account was established.

IRA Options


Your IRA can hold a wide range of investment types such as mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, bonds, and CDs.

This Mutual Fund Guide contains a list of mutual funds and fund families that can be held in an account with Millennium Trust.

Online Access

View all of your IRA activity such as balances, holdings, transaction history, and account statements.

Self-Directed Trading

You can request access to Millennium Trust Online to direct trades in traditional assets using our online tool.

Educational Tools

Online analysis tools and content can help you make well-informed decisions when managing assets in your IRA.

Consolidate IRAs

If you want to consolidate your retirement funds, we also accept transfers from other IRAs, as well as rollovers from other employer plans.

I wanted to thank the Automatic Rollover Client Service Team for all their help and cooperation. I found out that my transfer was completed in less than 24 hours after re-applying and I sincerely appreciate it.
Kevin A.
Automatic Rollover Client