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To Pittsburgh, With Love – Spreading Millennium Trust’s Culture to the East

July 17, 2019
By Millennium Trust

Mergers and acquisitions are nothing new in Corporate America. However, being successful in the M&A space takes finesse.

Balancing the “hard” side of a deal (think: bottom-line) of an M&A with the “soft” side (think: merging cultures) is the key to success. 

When Millennium Trust acquired Pittsburgh-based InspiraFS, Inc., in December 2017, it was because the two companies were well matched on the hard and soft sides of the business. CEO Gary Anetsberger said at the announcement of the deal’s closing, “Inspira aligns perfectly with our strategy and culture, and complements our existing businesses exceptionally well.”

Late last year, almost a year after the acquisition, Rosie Garza moved from Chicago to Pittsburgh to lead and grow the team. A nine-year Millennium Trust veteran who had been a Client Services Supervisor in Retirement Services before moving into a sales role in 2014, Rosie had been exploring her next career move within Millennium Trust when SVP, Head of Human Resources, John Samaan suggested she consider the newly created role.

“Supervising Client Services was something I had done before, but this was an entirely new and exciting opportunity,” Rosie explains. “To move to Pittsburgh and build Millennium Trust’s ‘east office’ was a challenge I was ready to accept.”

Within a few months, Rosie has added twelve Client Services representatives to the five Inspira representatives already working in the office. She’s also hired a Client Services Supervisor and an IT professional to support the growing team. Also working out of the Pittsburgh office are two Sales team members and a member of the Marketing team, all of whom report into the “home” office in Oak Brook, IL.

Incorporating Millennium Trust’s celebrated culture is a high priority for Rosie.

“Our values are: Do Right, Collaborate, Innovate, Excel, and Celebrate,” Rosie says, adding, “We are rewarded, as part of our compensation criteria, for exercising these values. That’s how important our culture is. This is still new to the original Pittsburgh-based team. Change, even good change, can be scary.”

Rosie assures, “The team’s reaction has been positive. They like that the company cares about them, and that they have a voice.”

The team likes that what we do is centered around Millennium Trust’s values and vision. They have embraced the way we celebrate everyone’s success.

Rosie has been undaunted by the challenge. “We are going to continue to grow and become more robust. The team now sees that there are numerous opportunities for them as part of Millennium Trust.”

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