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What does it mean
to be Millennium Trust?

It’s going above and beyond expectations –
for our clients and each other.

A Culture Defined

What is culture in terms of the workplace? Culture is the behaviors, beliefs, values, and symbols that an organization accepts and becomes ingrained in daily life. The culture of an organization lays the foundation for what drives success and fuels the “why” behind what you do.

At Millennium Trust, our culture is defined by our people. But, culture isn’t defined overnight, and it’s not always crystal clear. So, we went on a journey to find out what it really means to be Millennium Trust. We asked ourselves: Who are we? Who do we want to be? How can we get there? And through this process, our vision and values were born.

Our Journey

To me, a company’s culture is defined by the collective character of all employees. It’s what we do when no one’s looking that matters.

Joe M.
Compliance Manager

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Vision Statement

Living Our Values

Do Right

We act with integrity and accountability at all times, building trust every day.


We team, we communicate, we inform - always as the clients' ally, putting their needs first.


We drive growth with agility, looking beyond the status quo and continuously improving as we evolve.


We keep high standards and exceed expectations, achieving outstanding performance.


We have fun at work, appreciating one another and sharing our successes.

Our Vision
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