MTC Accounts

Please choose your IRA Custodian
by October 4

You should have received a Notice of Assignment letter that explains the terms of Millennium’s resignation of the Big I/IIABA accounts to Matrix Trust Company. If you wish for your IRA to automatically transfer to Matrix on October 14, 2019, no action is needed. If you wish to stay with Millennium Trust please notify us on or before October 4 by submitting your request in writing to

Please note, if you stay with Millennium Trust your account will no longer be under the Big I program, and your IRA will be subject to a new fee schedule and updated Custodial Account documents. Please view the new documents associated with your type of account that are linked below.

Account Documents

Please carefully review the documents that govern your new Millennium Trust IRA. We encourage you to either save an electronic copy or print them out for your records.

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