Kalos Demos

We have provided the following demos to help you become familiar with Millennium Trust and the tools that are available to assist you and your client(s). Please click on the link below to view the application you are interested in learning more about.

  • Online Account Open – demonstrates how you will be able to assist your client(s) by pre-populating their account information as well as how to indicate whether the client would like to fund and/or make a new investment in their account. You will have the ability to meet with your client(s) in person or email them a link to complete the e-signature process to open a new account.
  • Millennium Account Portal (MAP) – shows how to check the status of the account opening and funding process and how information gets communicated directly to our client service team.
  • AdvisorVue – demonstrates how you can access both summary and detail level information regarding your client accounts.
    Note: Internet Explorer is currently the only browser compatible with AdvisorVue.
  • Online Applications – shows a combined high level overview of the online account opening application, MAP and AdvisorVue.