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Fund Custody

Gain a Strategic Advantage with Fund Custody

We are your ally in the custody of investment assets — both traditional and alternative — to help you meet regulatory standards and high client expectations. In our role, we act as an independent qualified custodian to help you comply with the SEC custody rule and focus on providing institutional-quality investment operations.

Learn about the Custody Rule
What is the Custody Process?

As the qualified custodian for your fund, we establish an account on behalf of the fund and custody all of its underlying assets in the fund’s name. Quarterly statements can also be sent to the fund and all participants if required.

  • Account Set-up
    • To open the account, the Fund provides a signed fee proposal and completed account paperwork.
    • Our Fund Custody service fees are tailored to reflect the fund’s status, structure, complexity, and level of custody service to be provided.
    • The Fund Manager will be introduced to a dedicated Senior Account Manager who is available for assistance on day-to-day account and operations activities.
  • Asset Purchase / Registration
    • Establish a relationship with any investment sponsors/platforms/issuers necessary to begin the purchase or re-registration process.
    • If the Fund is working with a lender, we will work with your counsel on any legal agreements needed with the lender for funding, verification, etc.
  • Ongoing and Quarterly Activity
    • Quarterly statements are created and submitted to the Fund Manager for review
    • Upon acceptance by the Fund Manager, statements are generated and mailed
    • Supply secure data access and downloads to authorized individuals
    • Deliver data integration to a wide variety of portfolio management systems

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Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

Whether the fund is self-administered or handled by a third party fund administrator, Millennium Trust provides a full complement of expert custody services. The individual fund and fund manager are assigned an account administrator to meet the unique needs of their fund.

Fund Custody Structure

Independent Checks and Balances

Qualified Custodians

  • Hold assets (cash & securities)
  • Process payments and receive funds
  • Accept orders for trade execution and clearing
  • Send “fund-level” account statements directly to individual investors
  • Send statement of all activity to fund

Fund Administrators

  • Asset valuation
  • Processes subscription/redemption documents
  • Provides “investor-level” statements to individual investors