Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are a “basket” of stocks/bonds that are managed by a portfolio manager(s). Mutual funds are purchased based on “Net Asset Values” or total value of the stocks/bonds currently held in the fund divided by the number of outstanding shares.


Trading a Mutual Fund in your Millennium Account

Millennium Trust offers two ways for account holders to trade mutual funds – online and by phone. Since Millennium Trust does not offer any advice, you are responsible for selecting the mutual fund you would like to purchase.

  • To place a trade via phone, please call 1.800.258.7878, option 7 during normal trading hours.  
  • To trade online, you must have access to Millennium Trust Online and have requested trading access. If you do not currently have trading access and would like to add it, complete a web access request. For details on trading through Millennium Trust Online, visit the Frequently Asked Question section.


To place a mutual fund trade, the pricing is as follows:
 Transaction Charge*
No Transaction Fee Mutual Fund
Transaction Fee Mutual Fund
*Includes purchases, sales, liquidations, tenders, rollovers, etc. and is assessed to account at time of transaction.

Please note: The transaction charge is charged separately from the trade cost. When buying a security, you will need to have enough liquid funds to cover the cost of the purchase plus the transaction charge.
Matrix serves as the settlement and clearing firm for mutual funds. 

List of Mutual Funds Available 

Millennium Trust has over 10,000 mutual funds available for trading on its platform. For a listing of mutual fund families, view the Mutual Fund Guide. You can also use the Morningstar Internet Tools which will screen and provide investment information and research on the Open-End Mutual Funds available.

Millennium Trust does not recommend any particular investment or asset category. Investors are urged to speak with a tax or investment advisor before investing.