You can do more because Millennium Trust does more

Custody is at our core and service is in our DNA. Our creative, technology-driven solutions are designed to meet a full range of custody needs.

More efficient, More productive

We help individuals, institutions, and advisors do more by offering expertly managed custody solutions for alternative assets, private funds, and automatic rollover IRAs.

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Expert Custody Solutions

We support your efforts to become more efficient and productive by professionally managing complex transactions, providing timely reporting, and offering best-in-class service.


Working with the Best

With an average of 25 years in the industry, our experienced management team has built long-lasting relationships with clients and institutions ranging from Fortune 500 companies to independent investment advisors and individual investors.

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Dedicated to Your Success

Your success is based on having access to the right custody solution whenever you need it. We are dedicated to working with you to solve your unique custody-related issues and providing the solution you need, today.

Service Starts Here

We make it easy with unmatched service and support, proven and innovative technology, customized solutions, and the ability to custody a wide range of assets.

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